Business Forecasting

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Identifying Obstacles to growth through FORECASTING

We perform a rapid top-down forecast that evolves into an easy to use, persistent budgeting and forecasting system. Relevant forecasting requires a comprehensive understanding of a company’s sales projections, operational structure, and financial situation. Sales, operations and financial forecasts are the foundation for useful scenario analysis through a forecasting system. The highest function of the CFO is to help Boards, CEOs and management teams understand the likely impact of their decisions on the capital, people and systems of a company.

What We Do

How We Do It

Why We Do It

13 week cash forecast Done monthly or weekly. Train in-house accounting how to maintain. Identifies all broken systems and processes. Usually frees up 10% to 20% of revenues in cash as processes and systems get fixed and sales, accounts receivable and payables cycles improve.
Medium Term 18 month forecast/ budget Done on an ongoing quarterly or monthly basis. Annually create a budget. Train in-house accounting how to maintain. Usually do a top-down, then bottoms up, then close the gap to develop a budget. Identifies barriers to growth and creates accountability within a company. Helps develop meaningful lead indicators for tactical execution of a company’s vision. Ongoing, rolling forecast process keeps companies one step ahead of their competition.
Long Term Strategic Forecast (3-5 yrs) Done during major financing, strategic planning and M&A events. Value company, identify major changes needed over time in capital/people/systems, set long term expectations for investors and management. Establish trust in outside investors over time.